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mora midsommar print   
Click to enlarge photo.Mora Midsommar, 18" x 40". Midsommar colors in Garberg, Dalarna, Sweden.

About the Artist

Nils R. Caspersson is an artist and dulcimer musician from Victor, NY. His father and grandparents were from the area of Hofors, Sweden.

Print Details

Paintings are available as full sized and half sized prints on Canson Rag Photographique Fine Art paper printed by Lazer Inc., Fine Art Reproduction, Rochester, NY. Print prices range from $55 to $215 w/ tax, handling and shipping included. Cash or check only. All paintings/prints are original and suitable for framing.

A detailed explanation of each image will accompany each print. For example, in Midsommar, third weekend of June and the summer solstice (longest daylight hours) young girls are encouraged to put seven different wildflowers under their pillows that evening and their true love will be revealed through a dream. At the same time, there are tempting mystical creatures, the näcken and skogsrå who can lure young people into perilous waters and woods with their beauty and music.

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Commissions considered.

For more information call 1-585-924-7868 or write

Nils is also a well know luthier in the Western New York region. To visit his Dulcimer website go to:

tomte print

Morahast 2013

…a series of original and classic images of Swedish and Scandinavian traditions and mythology. These images reflect my Swedish heritage and the variety of folk art pieces from our Scandinavian collection and trips to the area of Stockholm and Mora, Dalarna, in central Sweden. A more traditional authentic appearance shows in all the images by using common house paints and techniques.

The Tomte Series includes Dalahäst, Systrarna, Tomte, Midsommar, Troll, Diatonisk, and Ski.

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the tomte series

systrarna print midsommar print dalahast print
Click to enlarge photo.Systrarna, Tomte series, 15" x 30". Systrarna is a medieval Swedish ballad, 1656, in which a maiden is drowned, and through a viol or harp furnished by parts of her body, she reveals the identity of her killer.
Click to enlarge photo.Midsommar, Tomte series, 15" x 30". Young Swedish maidens are encouraged to place seven different wildflowers under their pillows on Midsommar's Eve and their true love will be revealed in a dream that evening.
Click to enlarge photo.Dalahäst, Tomte series, 15" x 30". Long winter nights were often spent carving toys, including Sweden's national icon, the Dalahäst, the farmer's hard working horse.
tomte print troll print troll print
Click to enlarge photo.Tomte, Tomte series, 15" x 30". The tomte could be very helpful during the winter holiday season, but if their evening bowl of porridge was neglected they would become a serious household nuisance. Limited edition, avail. 9/10.
Click to enlarge photo.Troll, Tomte series, 15" x 30". Play, mistaken identity, and fantasy are all necessary parts of Swedish mythology and legend for children. Painting in the works.
Click to enlarge photo.Ale Hen Fiddler 2012

Other available prints

dala barn print xmas hat print skillington barn print
Click to enlarge photo.Dala barn, 18" x 24". A fine old Swedish barn in red and white.
Click to enlarge photo.Xmas hat, 16" x 12". Illumination with those large outdoor holiday lights.
Click to enlarge photo.Skillington barn, 18" x 24". Electric holiday candles kept the barn bright all year long.
mora print ridge road print skillington road print
Click to enlarge photo.Mora wildflowers, 16" x 12". Wildflowers from Mora, Sweden.
Click to enlarge photo.Ridge Rd. cobblestone, 18" x 24". The texture of cobblestone architecture is irresistible.
Click to enlarge photo.Skillington Rd., 30" x 24". This venerable old home had wonderful character inside and out.
  sandheim cottage print  
Click to enlarge photo.Sandhamn cottage, 18" x 24". A cottage entrance on Sweden's easternmost island.

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