Trä, Vind & Spelmäner
Music CD

1. Polska fra Mora - Mora is the traditional heart of the provence Dalarna, played with the wooden noter, 16th century
2. Kull i Kyrkan (Playing Tag in Church) by Mikael Marin and Prästens Lilla Kraka (The Vicar’s Little Crow) - a child’s song for Liv
3. Happy Tomtar - a happy Christmas melody. God Jul!!
4. Polka von Sunnerbo härad Smäland by Otto Malmberg, 1845, from Die Schwedische Hummel von Stig Walin, 1952
5. Spelmansvals - a traditional waltz
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6. Säckpiplät e. Carl Wahlstrom - originally with flute/bagpipes made of reindeer horn, tuning d-a-cc over g-d-a-c
7. Johsefins Dopvals (Johsefin’s Waltz) by Roger Tallroth
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8. Dalarnavals - played with the wooden noter
9. Trettondagsmarschen - a wedding march
10. Noaks Snöa - a spin-around dance, almost a hornpipe
11. Anticipating Stockholm, A Suite



Everyone Can Play The Fretted Dulcimer
Music CD

1. Tuning D-A-D , key of “D”.
2. Jingle Bells, traditional.
3. This Old Man, traditional.
4. Soldier’s Joy, traditional.
5. Amazing Grace, traditional.
6. Shady Grove, traditional (B fl at-D-A).
7. A simple chord.
8. The Happy Tomtar, traditional Swedish.
9. Here Comes The Sun, George Harrison.
10. Virginia Reel, traditional.


Video - Playing the Dulcimer

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